UNIX vs Windows Hosting

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In the website designing world, there are 2 kinds of operating system platforms that you can host your website – Windows and UNIX. Each one of them has their own set of characteristics, advantages, and disadvantages.

It is tough to categorize as what is best, but it sure is easy to decide what suits you best based on your needs. The language in which your site has been programmed is what basically decides the kind of hosting you will need.

  1. In Terms of Stability: UNIX systems reign as winners here. There are a number of factors here, but the main ones are – UNIX systems rarely need reboots while Windows systems will need them constantly. Also, UNIX can handle high server loads better than Windows.
  2. In Terms of Scalability: Websites can change overtime. They may start off real small, but can grow as the needs of the organization or the person builds. Even though both the platforms can let adaptation happen for the growing needs, Windows systems adapt more easily with programming features based on UNIX like My SQL and PHP. UNIX based software, on the other hand, is not 100% compatible with Microsoft technologies like VB and .NET development.
  3. In Terms of Compatibility: Websites that are programmed and designed to serve in a UNIX based server can also be hosted on a Windows server pretty easily, but vice versa is not always possible. Now here again, UNIX wins.
  4. In Terms of Performance: This has raked up a debate regarding which OS does better. But experts are of the opinion that both of them perform well during low-stress processes, but UNIX does better when there is high load.


Apart from the above mentioned points, when it comes to cost, Linux is freely available whereas Windows connected applications cost good amount of money.

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