United States Issues Warning on Business Deals with Iran

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Jack Lew, the secretary of US Treasury stated in an interview conducted by Davos of BBC that companies should definitely “proceed with caution” when they intend to deal with Iran.He went on record saying, “I think it would be a big mistake for companies to over-read how open for business Iran is.”Attending the World Economic Forum, Mr Lew stated that the sanctions would be eased when represented “limited relief” and most of the sanctions will still be in place.

Restrictions were eased in the US on products, which included petrochemicals and cars. Hassan Rohani, President of Iran was also present at the summit, and analysts stated that he is canvasing for potential investors.

‘Crossing the Line’

Lew gave credit to financial service sectors and sanctions on oil, which assisted in bringing Iran to the table with world powers, so as to be able to negotiate. He also stated on a positive note – “We’re looking at what should be a good year, as long as we don’t have any unexpected surprises”

He added that the US position will not be softened on the whole as those sanctions were “so effective”.He warned companies saying, “Any company that crosses the line and engages in activity that violates those sanctions is subject to enforcement actions. We’re going to monitor and enforce the sanctions – as we’ve said quite directly.”

Positivity After the Nuclear Talks

Since the negotiations with Iran regarding nuclear programme looked positive, the US loosened some of the restrictions that it has previously laid on Iran.

Lew also sounded optimistic when he spoke about US and global economic scene when speaking in an interview with BBC, and was quoted as saying -“It’d be a good year if we don’t have the kinds of self-inflicted problems like the government shutdown last year.”

He also made a statement on China saying that the Chinese will need to reform their economy, which is presently being burdened with huge debts.

He further informed that even though the path to change seems to be clear, he is not sure if the reforms will be made soon enough.

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