Seven Strategies to Drive More Referrals and Sales to Your Business

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Increasing sales and referrals in today’s economy is a challenging task; increasing the sales has become the integral part of business in order to see your market value growing. When you’re successful, everyone wins- owners, clients, managers, support staff, widget makers, and consultants. The simple and proven tactics are the keys to successfully increasing your sales in a market to know your client’s buying histories, both individually and generally.

Follow these seven proficient strategies to improve your business and drive up the sales charts –

  1. World-Class Service

Offering world-class service to your customers can make them feel that there is a little to do with any sorts of risks and they might recommend your services/products to their network of associates, family, and friends. You must try to maintain this relationship of trust and good-will with each and every customer, no matter how small or big their contracts are. A world-class service always creates a long standing business. It makes your customers feel and believe that they are considered to be important to your business. They consider you as the trusted expert, or advisor to promote their field in which you offer products or services. And, this will certainly fetch you hundreds of referrals.

  1. Generate High-Quality Leads

 Delineate the role of marketing in your business; use marketers to recognize, be eligible, and monitor leads throughout the entire process of marketing and sales. Ask clients to evaluate the leads and assign those people to their respective projects to continually improve the sales process.

Sales staff should be distinguished from marketers and it’s important to understand the difference between their goals and offer leadership to their sales team members and marketers working towards a single objective. 

  1. Be Engaging

Develop friendship with your current clients and prospect customers by engaging with them in friendly non-marketing or non-business conversation at social events, meetings, conferences, and business networking occasions. Do remember not to seek a possibility of deal in every conversation, but rather educate them about your offerings indirectly, and slowly turn them into a customer. People simply hate sales pitches all the time, so refrain from doing that!

  1. Bring Unique Value to Relationship

Add some value to your client’s business by identifying something that you can do for your customers that may be outside of the expected services or products you already provide. Ask them what they are looking for and assure them to help in every step. If you unable to sort out, you can as well recommend another person or business to address the issue or problem they are experiencing. Since you’re their trusted resource, they’d have a feeling that you will always be thinking of their interests.

strategies to drive more sales to your business

  1. Be a Referral Machine

Become a referral machine by offering referrals to your own customers, or networks of acquaintances or other businesses, and associates you’ve formerly approached, so that you can quickly build your business. And, you must remember that whenever you help others, they’ll also tend to return the favour too.

  1. Provide Incentives for Qualified Referrals

Announce or advertise that your business offers discounts, incentives, or rewards to those who give your service or business a qualified referral, which converts into a valuable customer for you. Purchasing incentives, bulk-buys, and frequent reward programs are the best proven business growth tactics for increasing sales in the existing markets. But, remember to give incentives based on profitability, not just sales.

  1. Educate Clients and People

Offer a valuable literature, containing social proof (like endorsements/ testimonials, special reports, or eBook) that educate people on the area or subject in which youspecialize. Prospective customers usually prefer to do business with organizations and people that they know and trust. Build a cost effective sales and marketing program to generate leads.

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