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Online shopping has exploded in India with companies like Flipkart and Amazon leading the charge. With products ranging from toothbrushes to cars available at the touch of a finger, the Digital India Movement is further propelling the phenomenon by helping the country digitize.

shopping trends in india

The benefits of e-commerce as a system are manifold. Some of the biggest reasons that e-commerce has succeeded today are:

  1. Reach: The internet is a powerful tool for reaching people since e-commerce has no geographic constraint other than that specified by the company itself.
  2. Price: It’s easier to keep an online inventory than to maintain a brick and mortar retail business. E-commerce has helped price regulation by providing a single platform for buying products. This also enables discounts and other goodies as well. Deal sites like Couponhaat get together several discounts at a single place.
  3. Time: E-commerce not only saves you the time and effort of going out and shopping in a store, but lets you do it 24/7. It has succeeded in making all our necessities available at convenience.
  4. Range: Ever wondered why people prefer supermarkets for their Sunday shopping? Supermarkets let you go around and browse all their products in a safe zone where you can take your time. Now put the same concept online and in your hands and you will realize why people love online shopping. And to top it off, you literally have millions of options as opposed to tens in the regular super market.

So, what’s trending today?

  1. Smartphones: In an almost funny way, people are now using their smartphones to buy more and better smartphones. With new brands launching like LeTv and Mi, the smartphone market is always buzzing.
  2. Clothes: For a country that used to be afraid of online shopping, we’ve got a surprising number of western outfits being sold online, especially in the ladies section. This makes sense as the general concern of certain rural areas in our country is more to prevent such. The forbidden fruit was always tempting to Eve, but in this case it’s more than justified in today’s modern society.
  3. Bags: Bags are another huge trend in online shopping. Ranging from travel backpacks to ladies clutches, the bag continues its universal cultural domination even online.
  4. Electronics: Continuing the irony in 4th place, we have electronics, TVs, and headphones, accessories and the likes – these are some of the most often bought items on the internet. Online warranties and the 30 day return policies of e-commerce have revved up the sales of electronics in a way that is indisputably a revolution in e-commerce.
  5. Fashion Accessories: Fashion accessories such as bracelets, lockets, shoes, watches and sunglasses are also highly bought in the e-commerce industry. With brands available as low as INR 99, it’s hard to see why not.

But by far, these are not the only categories popular online. In a digital age anything you want is at the touch of a finger with modern technology. So, go online and start shopping now to find out more!

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