NHS Doctors are asked to give Fat Patients 100 Pounds an Hour Therapy

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The GPs are now being requested to refer the obese patients for expensive counseling sessions on the NHS for helping them slim down. The health watchdog feels that the 100 pounds per hour therapy is a cost efficient ways of tackling the obesity problem in the country. In the guidelines that were issued today, NICE in fact urges the doctors to send the patients to the Weight Watchers classes or even for the effective gastric band operations, completely free of cost. Some of the critics stated that it was a bad idea to use the public money during the time when the cataract surgery or the treatments for rare diseases are being rationed. NICE defended the free counseling as well as the Weight Watchers sessions, stating that they would actually save a huge chunk of NHS money in the future. More than one fourth of the adults in Britain are really obese and this condition is now costing the economy 16 billion pounds a year.

The present day’s guidelines instruct the GPs to first refer all the obese patients to the Weight Watchers or for that matter even to the Slimming World courses; this will approximately cost about 100 pounds for twelve weeks. In case the patient fails to lose weight during this period, the doctors must consider sending these patients for a counseling and talk out and find out their issues with food at a cost of close to 100 pounds an hour.

The NHS is actually in a tough state financially; with some important cancer drugs as well as the medications for some serious genetic disorders are being majorly rationed. The Education about healthy lifestyles and self discipline is what is required. The guidance also told the GPs for referring some seriously obese patients for immediate gastric bypass operations that will typically cost between 5,000 and 12,000 pounds.  NICE had in the beginning advised doctors to send the patients to some sort of slimming clubs and then later on for a weight loss surgery in the year 2014, and currently the guidelines acts as a gently reminder.  However this is certainly the first time the watchdog has requested them to refer the obese people for counseling in spite of the fact that there is very little evidence that it will actually aid in weight loss.

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