Intel Spending $50 Million on Quantum Computing Research

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Intel – the name comes to our mind whenever we talk about computing devices, especially in computer and high process-oriented job. This is a company, which is manufacturing chips from the last few decades and is famous for cutting-edge chips, which are enabling most of the computers that are running now.

Intel is basically from U.S. and it is trying hard to grasp the mobile market because earlier they were specialized in desktop and laptop chips. But, as mobile is gaining popularity, it is also trying to grab the market where it has very limited presence. They are also trying to upgrade the system and so they will invest $50 million and engineering resources with an alliance on quantum computing which is used to solve the complex problem.

Intel Corporation plans 10-year collaboration with Delft University of Technology. The university is basically situated in Netherlands. And there is another Dutch company for applied research, which is also working in the same field. Quantum computing is a process that could tackle problems and provide the solution within minimum time.

It’s in the development stage, but it will be in the market after some years so that complex problems will be solvable and can get much more positive result. Intel said that potential applications for the computing power will be implemented in financial analysis and effective drug development.

As per Intel, unlike digital computers, quantum computers use quantum bits that can power the computing power simultaneously offering to compute lot of information, thus speeding up result. As a result, the decision will be much more precise and correct. Application of quantum will change the world.

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