5 Tips for Safe Use of Debit and Credit Cards In Light Of Growing Phishing Scams

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The modern technologies have made our lives simpler and more convenient, and best examples are the debit and credit cards. These cards are highly convenient for an individual since they render a more sophisticated shopping experience, while offering the freedom from drawing cash and carrying it along. At the same time, the increasing number of credit cards hacking and thefts has posed plenty of questions in the users’ mind about the security and safety aspects. So, it is important for every person possessing a debit or credit card to be careful and watch his step.

Here are 5 tips for safe use of debit and credit cards in light of the growing phishing scams.

  • Change your online banking passwords and PIN numbers from time to time: It might seem to be a pain to change your PIN or online banking password periodically and even more difficult to remember the newly set passwords. But, this definitely reduces the likelihood that a thief will have your present password and thus safeguards your financial security and credit rating. Taking some time and efforts to change and remember the new passwords can prevent big problems in future.
  • Use ATMs in safe locations: Whenever you decide to use your debit card at ATM, ensure that it is in a safe public location with a security person on guard. If you feel uncomfortable or find some suspicious people wandering around in the vicinity, avoid using such ATM centers; simply walk out, and go to a different location.
  • Review your checking account purchases daily: Most of the financial organizations, including banks provide their customers online banking access with the facility to check their account details at any time, provided they have access to internet. So, make use of such conveniences and stay updated with your checking account. This can help to catch inappropriate or questionable transactions and speak out your concerns immediately with the bank’s customer support. The sooner you report the problem to the authorities, the quicker it can be resolved.

tips for safe use of debit and credit cards

  • Avoid handing over your card to the server at the restaurant for making the payment: It might seem to be a convenience to hand over your card to the server to pay for your bill at a different part of the restaurant. But, don’t forget that your card is fully out of your control once you give it to the servant. Remember that once he takes the card he’ll have access to your card number, security code, expiry date, and other such confidential details printed on the card. So, make it a habit to pay out cash in such situations, or accompany the person to the swiping machine.
  • Use 2 checking accounts: This may seem to be more complex, but it can in fact save you frustration, time, and money. Use one account for all the necessary bill payments like rent, mortgage or other such debt payments or direct deposits. Use the second one strictly for debit card purchases. Have limited amount of funds in the second account just to cover for your small purchases. This way, even if the card is stolen or details are hacked, there will be very little money at stake.

Additional Safety Tips to Prevent Misuse of Your Cards

Lastly, whenever your enter PIN/security code of your debit card, cover the panel with your hands, so that nobody can see/record your PIN number easily. You must also be wary of strangers seeking your help, and asking your credit card to show them where the CVV number is imprinted. Such dubious people can smartly make a note of your card’s expiry date and CVV number in a quick glance, and then misuse it at a later stage.

So, follow these essential tips to safely use your debit or credit cards and stay away from phishing scams.

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